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How it Works

We're Savvy Coders, and it's our mission to teach the basics of web design and programming to everyone with the desire to learn. Because knowing how to code isn't just a neat thing to know; it's an essential skill for the 21st century.

With Savvy Coders, you can learn the basics of web development in just 1 month through 60 hours of hands-on instruction

Through in-person classes led by experienced instructors, you'll learn how to build a portfolio of web-based projects. Keep scrolling to find out what you'll learn!

Our Classes

All classes are led by one of our in-person instructors in a small, focused classroom setting. Classes are held near downtown Nashville at the Refinery. Every session focuses on what you need to know (and nothing you don't).

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Fundamentals of Computing, HTML, CSS, and JS

Build your first website in 7 days with lessons on:

  • using the terminal
  • basic markdown
  • interacting with the DOM
  • HTML tags and stucture
  • CSS styling
  • version control with git and GitHub
  • basic JavaScript fundamentals

Functional JavaScript

Learn about the key principles of programming with the language of the Web. Lesson modules include:

  • library usage with underscore.js
  • advanced variable and function use
  • JavaScript/browser interactions through the DOM
  • adding web interactivity with JQuery
  • implementing video and audio through HTML5
  • introductory design principles for the web
  • software design and testing

Object-Oriented JavaScript

Use JavaScript to delve deeper into the industry standard of code design through Objects while building your portfolio. Look for lessons on:

  • Object creation and manipulation
  • extending Objects through inheritance
  • using Objects in software
  • mastering Chrome Developer Tools
  • building a fully-functional website for your portfolio

Advanced Implementations and Web APIs

Build your applications for larger-scale deployment and connect to other parts of the Web through APIs. The final lessons in this module include:

  • adding geo-location functionality with Google Maps API
  • implementing secure payment processing with Stripe
  • building your own APIs
  • deploying applications on a large scale
  • using backend-as-a-service

Our Students

Savvy Coders are hard workers with an interest in technology, curious about how to acquire the skills they need to work with the Web in useful ways. Savvy Coders is designed for folks looking to keep their day job while learning what you need to know about web development, with classes offered after work from 6pm-9pm every evening during the week.

If you're willing to put in the work, the results will speak for themselves. To get started, keep scrolling to go to our application link.

Savvy Coders is also committed to ensuring that our introductory classes take the intimidation out of learning to code. We know that not everyone is looking to become a software engineer full-time, or is ready to commit to 4 years of college or thousands of dollars in tuition at a months-long bootcamp. When you're ready, Savvy Coders will help you take that next step. We're here to get you started.

To learn more about Savvy Coders, come to one of our free intro sessions at the Refinery! You'll learn more about our classes, and you'll get a feel for how much there is to learn with us during our month-long course. You'll also get a chance to build your very first website and get started with your first JavaScript program. See you there!

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Questions about the program? Check out our FAQ page first. If you don't see an answer to your question on that page, feel free to send us a message using the form below.

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